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Cookies to carrots, we have the food you crave

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It started with making the best sugar cookies around and grew into wanting to share our family favorites with you. There's something to be said for knowing where your food is from. Everything we produce is baked from scratch, grown in our gardens, or raised on the farm; We take pride in all that we do.

Thank you for including us at your table. 

From our Farm to your Family

BAKED by Mel: Welcome

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Cookie Dough

A Little about us

It started with a cookie and grew into so much more.


Hey! I'm Melissa, the woman behind the delicious sugar cookies that are *almost* too pretty to eat, so I'm told. Most people know me as "the cookie lady" but in this house, I'm known as 'Mom', 'the wife' and lately 'bruh'. My husband Daniel and I had a goal; We wanted to raise our kids on his family farm, add some cattle, (maybe some chickens and mini cows!), grow our own vegetables, harvest wild berries, and work the land.

You know, the farm life. 


We moved from our little home in town to the farm in 2017 and later that year got to work building my bakery. In there I've baked thousands of cookies for many different occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette, and corporate events just to name a few. Even if you don't have a special reason for cookies, you can be sure that every holiday I'll be creating sweet (sometimes sassy) cookies that will make you say  "I need these!".     

With each holiday, our table keeps growing and changing but hosting our friends and family is something we love to do and will always stay the same. I wanted to share the foods we love with you. From our farm to your table, you too can serve the most memorable meals with delicious downhome Ukrainian dishes or some everyday favorites. All the recipes have been taught and passed down so they'll taste just like Baba made them.  Go the extra step & really add the home-cooked charm to your table by serving some of our "fresh from the garden" preserves and everyone will finish your meal with a *chef's kiss*

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